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Respond to the environment of your users with customized responsive web design
Online world is expanding day by day. Platforms, devices, and browsers that need to work with your site are rising in number too. While it’s a good thing to provide your customers and potential users with a multi-platform experience, it is equally important to make that experience easily approachable for them. Here’s where responsive web design can come to your rescue – providing one site for every screen.

Today umpteen responsive web design services in Sydney are available and all large to small businesses are investing in it to secure a stronger online positioning. Today, the two concepts, ‘web design’ and ‘responsive web design’ are synonymous.

What are the best practices of implementing responsive web design?
Content Clarity: Make sure your content is easy to navigate and read when viewed via different platforms. You must ensure that your web design is kept simple, devoid of overstated typefaces and fancy colors, so that there is no compromise made with content clarity. You can get more creative with headlines but never with the bulk content.

Simple Design: Sure, creative, artsy designs will grab attention at once but too complex design will confuse your user and he will stop visiting you online. Best practice is to use a simple and semantic core layout and simple techniques for vital elements like menus and navigation.

Mobile-first Strategy: Mobile-first strategy is in vogue these days for all the right reasons. This means beginning the web design with mobile considerations and then, working up to a larger desktop version. This progressive enhancement model works well in that you start with a super lean and impressive model and move on to make a more robust desktop model for your users.
What are the benefits of responsive web design?

Unmatched User Experience: A responsive web design is all about providing your user an optimal user experience, no matter whether they use a desktop, laptop, smart TV, or a Smartphone. Minimum scrolling, panning, or resizing of the page will be required once your visitor is on your website from any of his favorite device.

Great Flexibility: Responsive web design services in Sydney will provide you with sites which are fluidic, thereby ensuring content flows freely across all devices and screen resolutions because of flexible grids and images.

Cost Effective: Compare building different web designs of your same website for different devices with creating a single responsive web design that works well with multiple devices. Picking responsive web design for your website is, undoubtedly, much more beneficial and much better for maintenance of your websites. One URL across devices also ensures people can easily share content and link web pages from one platform to another.

With so many amazing benefits of responsive web design, let us give you just another reason to get your websites designed and developed following this practice. Google loves it! Responsive web design is Google’s recommended mobile configuration and, as per the search-engine giant, it is the best industry practice to implement. With one URL and same HTML, it is easier for Google to crawl, index, and organize content.

So, what are you waiting for? Cut on your time and money expenditure and get great results by giving the finest experience to your user with responsive web design services in Sydney.

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web writings
Web Design Practice
Image by dotun55
Not every photo of writing spiders centred upon conspicuous, decorative webs on the periphery of the floras around the building that I take actually gets published. The more photographs I stocked of the writing spiders, the less fascinated I got about them. The fact that they are the most common species in the surrounding contributed to my gradual disenchantment towards them. The maxim ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ proves true for all animate things and inanimate alike. We tend to take things and people for granted after we get accustomed to them. There is often a misconception that we already know everything there is to know about them, and that is when the disinterest sets in.

No matter how rampant they are, the probability of spotting a writing spider on a completed web is however low; average of one per month. The effort and time the fairly small spiders put into the development of their wonder web might give account to the statistic. And this causes them to be perceived to be as scarce as the smaller camouflaging crab spiders and lowlight-hunting lynx spiders resident in the common habitat.‎

I was eager to show off the first writing spider. It was an exciting find. I had never seen a web as decorated before. ‎The following observation which was slightly different in colouring was also shared, in sequence to the first. Subsequent sightings in the environment were no different from the originals. I am inclined to ignore new observations if there are no peculiar features found on them. Others I do not completely ignore, I use to warm my camera by exploring new perspectives and practising better focus. Good images taken are retained for a while in my device or camera memory. They get reviewed regularly. Some get deleted after a while.

Above is a photo of the most recent writing spider. Its glorified web was suspended over a depression in a hedge next to a walk way. ‎The next few days witnessed an unusual but progressive transformation of the web of this particular specimen. A probable explanation for this is a consistent and creative attempt by the spider to make a normally short-lived we‎b last longer. As parts of the web fail, the spider reinforces the underlying foundation threads. This action invariably leads to formation of a new or different web design every time. Now the evolution of the patterns or design over time is a thing of interest. Could web patterns resembling certain alphabets be an indication of a smart web-weaver? Or perhaps a mathematically-inclined arachnid, since the characters are popular algebraic cliches?In any case, here is a challenge posed by an insect. A riddle. A picture puzzle. It is a reminder of one of such general mathematics problems with the unforgettable appendage delivering the urgent request ‘find x’. Once again, we find x. And why too.

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