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Website design trends are constantly evolving with the emergence of new technologies; which also bring with them new challenges in the web design process. Standard best practice principles, including clean, clear. Modern, usable and intuitive websites must be balanced with the incorporation of these technologies, with one of the key trends for 2011 focussing on functionality as well as aesthetics.

Technical trends that will affect website design in 2011 include the continuation of mobile compatible designs, the introduction of HTML5 and CSS3 instead of Flash and continuation of social networking. In the last two previous years, there has been significant growth in mobile ready website designs; however, with the growth of smartphone’s and their [prediction of outselling computers this year, ensuring that your website is fully functional on mobile platforms is essential.

As well as keeping the aesthetics and functions, the website design must be optimised to be user friendly with touch screens and fingertip navigation. Perhaps the way forward is to make the website design capable of being viewed as a magazine in mobile platforms, with the user being able to flip through pages rather than continually scrolling and enlarging the navigation menu. Additionally, the screen size and resolution must be able to adjust to various screens and change screen orientation.

Flash has been an interesting beast. I would never use it for website design as it has it issues with usability and search engines. However, it has excellent functionality and has created many cool graphics, movies and flash entertainment. However, as it is not viewable on Apple mobile products, with other mobile platforms also experiencing issues, there is a strong movement towards HTML5 and CSS3.

In accordance with the mobile trends, the Quick Response bar codes will become increasingly popular, with consumers being able to simply take a photo of the unique code and their browser will take them to the website.

The continuation of social networking is tending towards a more personalised experience. The growth of these sites cannot be ignored and integration with these sites is essential in website design.

When your business is planning for a new website design or upgrade, it is important that the correct website design agency is used. Website design for Christchurch businesses has never been more important as the earthquake has dwindles and destroyed many of the traditional marketing and consumer channels that business relied upon.

Focusing on online website design and marketing strategies is providing relief and new geographical ranges of business. As well as professional website design by an experienced Christchurch business, there are some businesses offering great terms of repayment, including 12 months interest free on website design. Search for such website design companies in Christchurch and which will ensure that having a custom built website design for your business is still affordable.

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Rockport Harbor Masts
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Image by Me in ME
A four image panorama of the harbor in Rockport, Maine. This small town is home to the Maine Media Workshop. If you want to spend some time in one of the very pretty parts of the Maine coast and improve your photography skills you may wish to check out their website. The following is their mission statement.

Maine Media Workshops + College educates and inspires visual artists and storytellers. The school delivers degree and certificate programs, workshops, intensives, and cooperative labs geared to students pursuing creative work in fine arts and media-related professions. MMW+C is a welcoming community that provides lifetime opportunities to explore the practice and concepts of media arts in photography, filmmaking, design and book arts as well as the converging applications of these dynamic media forms. MMW+C embraces historical processes as well as leading-edge technologies in image making and narrative expression. MMW+C is committed to fostering creativity, culture, and human communication in the world.

I made this video to demonstrate my work flow for someone, and also to show the flexibility of Linux.
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