5 Dentistry Website Design Choices For Dentists

Expert dental website designers can create an unlimited number of different online homes for oral care professionals. However, all of these types fall into five basic dentistry web design choices. Ranging from a one page basic design to a full service site, dentists need to work with their Internet experts to find one that matches their practice. To give you a better idea of what options you have, here is an overview of the six main styles and how each type works.

Contact Or Landing Page

This dentistry website design is a single page often referred to as an online business card. They are the least expensive, but there is not much more other than your business name and contact information. A method of contact is not always offered online to the visitor and offer customers very little information about your practice and the services you provide. They do not attract traffic on their own. Dental website designers often use these as a basic page that you can link directories and other resources to.

Introductory Designs

Introductory web pages include the contact information of a practice, but also provide information on the business, the staff, and the services offered. The dentistry website design is more visually appealing and it feels a little more personal with a few images of your practice and maybe even your logo. Dental website designers use these for those looking to try online marketing and those in an area with little competition to help customers get comfortable with the professionals.

Enhanced Branding

Online branding is necessary for any professional in a market with competition. This dentistry website design is intended to get the public to automatically associate your personal brand and concepts with your practice to prevent them from wandering over to the competition. Technically, these are similar to an introductory website except for the integration of your logo and goals into the graphic design. For professionals in a market with some competition, these help edge out your competitors.

Inclusive Online Practices

Dental website designers create these fully integrated online practices to compliment practices in markets that are full of tough competition. They include a variety of elements such as video and audio introductions, visual galleries, and it may even be a full flash animation site. Inclusive styles are meant to impress clients while being interactive and informational. They have a large number of pages filled with information on a full range of topics covered by a dentist and may include additional sections like news, newsletter, a kids area, or a page that gives Q&A directly between the dentist and clients.

Full Service SEO Dentistry Website Design

Full service SEO sites are very similar to the previously discusses style except these have SEO optimized design, content, and possibly even marketing tactics build in. These look impressive and are loaded with information available to educate visitors, but they also attract attention from the big search engines to give you a solid online presence. This means sitting on the first page of search engine results so that potential patients find your practice before your competitors. To accomplish this, these sites are geared specifically for your geographical location and areas of expertise.

Because search engines do not index flash animation, these are never made using this technique as the base. Instead, a mix of elements is coordinated together to give visitors a positive experience and convince them to book an appointment. It may also have elements intended for marketing purposes including pay-per-click landing pages and article sections to help advertise your practice and maximize your exposure. To keep them effective, these designs need adjustments and updating.

The wide range of available dentistry website design choices ensure every practice can have an online presence while still sticking to their available budget. Dental website designers can match your brand, values, services, and market to your online home to get you the best return possible on your investment. To decide what you would like to have, look at the different styles online and discuss your findings with your online experts to find the perfect solution for your business.

Christine O’Kelly writes for Officite, highly praised dental website designers. This nationally recognized dentistry website design and development team has created more than 3,600 successful websites.

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