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Ben Zion was born in Israel, a place, he says, that sits culturally somewhere between Iran and Paris. He moved to New York City at age 16 in 1979 and, while in high school, began an exercise studio in Riverdale called Shape Up and Dance. Ben Zion says he sold the business within a year […]

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Inner mid thigh pain (left leg) occasionally usually upon waking. So painful it cannot be LIGHTLY touched, but can be touched with a direct heavy touch which is less painful. Just my pants rubbing on it causes serious red hot stinging pain. How convenient! You can work your abdominals while driving, sitting at your desk, […]

Your device should be connected and synced to the Zune desktop

cheap Canada Goose With your file saved, you will be ready to add it to your Windows Phone. Your device should be connected and synced to the Zune desktop software before proceeding with the connection established, use the search box in the top right corner to find the file. If you haven’t saved it in […]

Hello world

Hello World

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Brockton native Barbara Jones, 97, recalls, “If my kids knew I’d been downtown, there was no way I could come home without a dozen. They loved them. I’d barely get through the door, they’d run at me like a pack of wild animals.” She’s talking about the famous Gilchrist macaroons. wholesale jerseys Its short style […]