Kuechly is not as well known nationally as Newton

There’s also the likability factor. Kuechly is not as well known nationally as Newton, but you’d be hard pressed to ever find someone who says they can’t stand him. Women hold up posters at stadiums asking to date him. On 05 May the Japanese counterattacked his unit and overran the summit of the escarpment. His unit retreated and the only humans on the top of the cliff were the Japanese, wounded American soldiers and Medic Doss. Doss crawled around the escarpment, dragging wounded men over to the cliff and lowered them with the rope to waiting hands below.

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He obviously knows what he is talking about. His young Muncy linemen are listening, too. They put words into action Friday, paving the way for a season high 179 rushing yards that helped Muncy defeat rival Montgomery, 31 7, can take The Old Shoe Trophy for a 12th straight season..

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