It can be seen that there was no change in the levels of these

To address the role of PTB and PCBP1 in the maintenance of IRES mediated BAG 1 synthesis following exposure of cells to vincristine, cells were incubated with vincristine or cisplatin at the doses shown Hermes Replica, lysed, proteins separated by SDS and immunoblotted (Figures 3bi and ii). It can be seen that there was no change in the levels of these proteins following exposure of the cells to either drug (Figures 3bi and ii). Thus this would not account for function of the BAG 1 IRES following treatment of cells with vincristine.PCBP1 and PTB relocalize following treatment of cells with vincristineIt is known that many of the proteins that are involved in IRES mediated translation are able to shuttle between the nucleus and the cytoplasm (Michael et al., 1997; Kamath et al., 2001) thus it is possible that a relocation of PTB and PCBP1 from the nucleus to the cytoplasm could be required to activate the BAG 1 IRES.

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