Anab Jain is a designer with a passion for creating opportunities and building tools that can lead us towards new and desirable futures. Educated in India, Vienna and London, she has over seven years experience in interaction and service design, research, filmmaking and speculative design. Read more...

I now work at Superflux, check the site for latest work and upcoming activities.

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last update 8.07.2009

*UPDATE: I now work at Superflux, check the site for latest work and upcoming activities.*

TED Fellowship and Superflux News... October 2009

I am very excited to be selected as TEDIndia Fellow this year, and am on my way to attend TED in Mysore, India. I am looking forward to meeting many other amazing fellows, listening to inspiring speakers and meeting new people. More updates on this will be on the Superflux blog.

And to continue on that, I am now spending all my time on Superflux, so all news, updates and new work will be showcased there. Please do bookmark it for future reference.

Lastly, we have been actively blogging about the outcomes of the Power of 8 project, so check it out, also some good pictures of the exhibition are here.

Superflux: A Soft Launch and other news... September 2009

To coincide with the opening of the Power of 8 exhibition as part of the London Design Festival, I am very excited to launch the new website of our design company Superflux. Go check it out, and give us feedback, hire us, work with us, come have a cup of tea with us. We are still building the site and there is a lot more content to be added. But with this beta launch, we look forward to working and collaborating with you in the future!

In other news, I recently spoke at the fantastic one day conference Interesting2009, my talk was titled 'Superpowers I grew up with'.

Speculation, Prototyping and Public Engagement... July 2009

I'd like to point you to The Power of 8 blog, which has been shaping up very well. Its been so inspiring to work with a wonderful bunch of people, I continue to marvel at their depth of imagination. We are putting up the first part of the project at the Watermans Gallery for their Open Weekend on 25th and 26th July. Do come along, and participate in building our superpower cityscape of the future!

In some other quick updates, I am now officially spending all my time as Director of Superflux and have been blogging at the Superflux Blog, which had some more updates. Three weeks into this new role, all I can say is that its been super exciting. I have had a lot of people come up to me and say its a very brave thing to do, given the current economic climate. But then, as so many others have pointed out, I believe that it is also a great time to experiment and try out new ideas. So watch this space! And yes, if you want to collaborate, build up crazy ideas or hire us, just send me an email.

Superflux, A Blog and The Power of 8... April 2009

The last couple of months have been busy. We finished a good project at Nokia, and hopefully some of the results from that work will be out next year. An upto the end of next month, Younghee and I will be working on a rather exciting project from the Soho office.

Most importantly, I have finally started work on Superflux, and more content on the site will follow soon. Meanwhile go check the Superflux Blog, where I have posted my thoughts behind the LIFT09 talk, and a tribute to Donna Haraway on Ada Lovelace Day.

The other bit of exciting news is that I secured funding from the Arts Council England and the Watermans Gallery to do a collaborative project called 'The Power of 8', which is an effort to work with 8 people to collaboratively build and re-arrange our visions of the futures we have imagined. If you are interested, or know anyone who may want to come on board, send me an email at do(at)

Interaction Design Symposium, Split, Croatia... March 2009

I will be presenting at the Interaction Design Symposium, a two day meeting of leading young European practitioners and researchers from the field of Interaction Design, organised by the University of Split, Croatia, later this month. The aim of the event is to discuss state of the art in the field, its relation to education practice and to establish new networking possibilities for the future projects and collaborations. Many of my friends will be there too, and I am looking forward to it!

Meanwhile, LIFT09, was great fun, with many inspiring talks and a fantastic atmosphere. Videos of the conference can be viewed here, and here's a nice review of my talk.

Interactivos? 09, Madrid & LIFTO9 Geneva... February 2009

I will be in Madrid this month at Interactivos? 09, Garage Science Workshop and Seminar, organised by Medialab Prado. Alex and my paper 'Life and Death in Energy Autonomous Devices' was one of the seven papers selected for the seminar. I will also be presenting some of my recent work in a round table at the Medialab, to coincide with the Arco'09 India program.

Later this month, I will be also talking at LIFT09, Geneva, in the session "Design thinking for the future" alongside James Auger and Fabio Sergio. I am very excited about the theme of this year's conference, centered around a simple question: "Where did the future go?".

If you happen to be in either of these places, do say hi!

Hello 2009!

“2009 is going to be tough” they say, following the credit crisis that began in 2008. But perhaps it will also lead to a desirable shift in our current systems and values. Here’s hoping that the challenges of the year ahead will bring you more happiness, satisfaction and contentment. A toast to all of you who happen to stop by.

On the work front: I am continuing working on some cool stuff at Nokia Design, London, while gearing up for a couple of exciting presentations in February. I have also begun work on a fun project which is, broadly speaking, about 'public voice' and 'optimistic futures'. But more information on that very soon...

An Autumn of talks... October 2008

DESIGNED ENGAGED 2008: I am just back from a though provoking and inspiring weekend in Montreal, where Design Engaged 2008 took place. The title of my presentation was 'Learning to Play with Tomorrow', where I presented some of my recent speculative futures work, and showed how this approach is influencing my present day design work.

EPIC 2008: Alongwith Alex Taylor and Nick Marquardt, I will be presenting our project 'Near Future RFID' in the Artifacts session at EPIC 2008.

NORDICHI 2008: Mie Noergaard and I will be presenting our position paper "How Design Futurescaping may help Grandma reflect on Robots" at this workshop.

CIID, Copenhagen: The folks at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design have invited me to give a talk to the students of their first pilot year, and here's the lovely flyer Alie made!

A radio, a book, few films, an ending, and many new beginnings... June 2008

I have been busy wrapping up Alex's and my work at Microsoft Research over the last few months, hence this long silence. Our project "Life and Death in Energy Autonmous Devices" will be part of the Slow Art section at SIGGRAPH 2008 in Los Angeles this August. We are aiming to write, publish and update the project website soon, including the beautiful RFID+jewelery project, amongst others. I have also put together a book about the work, and it will be available as a pdf as well.

Alongside the MSRC project, since March '08, I worked with the Design Council and the Live|Work Insights Team to make a film and in scenario planning + visual design for the 'Designing Out Crime' project, commissioned by the Home Office, UK.

Moving on to new pastures, I am very excited to take on a new challenge, working on near-future mobile and service design projects with Nokia Design in London for the next six months.

I have also been involved as a guest mentor for an online collaborative teaching project 'COLLABOR8' where Australian and Chinese design students work together online to establish new ways of producing sustainable graphic design across cultural boundaries

Design and the Elastic Mind, MoMA, New York... February 2008

Our ongoing project at MSRC 'Objects Incogntio' has been featured in The Design and Elastic Mind exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, curated by Paola Antonelli. The featured projects are the Domestic Gubbins and RFID and Body Readers. (the work-in-progress project site is up and running here)

Happy New Year... January 2008

I am looking forward to the 'Future of Domestic Interactive Furniture' workshop in Aarhus, Denmark, later this month, where my position paper 'Domestic Futures: The Archigram Effect' was accepted. I have also been busy writing about some of our current work at MSRC, including the soon-to-be-published paper:'Near Future RFID'. On the projects front: I am sailing through the BioFuels project and the 'Domestic Gubbins' video is ready as well! Shall be uploading it shortly, and more news on that very soon...

Working for :-) November 2007

I am now, finally working for!

While I continue to do design work at MSRC, I am now taking on consultancy projects, alongside some teaching and self-initiated work. I am interested in working on collaborative projects around social innovation, interaction design, design foresight, or anything fun and exciting, so all ideas and suggestions welcome!

Updates! RFID, Biofuels, RSA and EPIC... August 2007

Its been a long time since my last update. I have been busy working on RFID and 'bio-intelligence' related work at MSRC. Apart from that I am soon off to spend a long weekend with a bunch of designers in the lovely Cotswolds as part of RSA's 'extraordinary design meet'. Later this year 'Little Brinkland' is traveling to Colorado to be part of the EPIC 2007 Artifacts session. Also summer has finally arrived...!

The Sketch-a-Move lover affair continues... May 2007

'Sketching User Experiences', Bill Buxton's lovely yellow book has an elaborate section devoted to our project 'sketch-a-move', where he writes extensively about the techniques of low-tech experience prototyping that we designed to present the concept. It is "a book of design of appliances, structures, buildings, signs... but more about something whose design needs to be grounded in the nature of experience..."

The Domestic Gubbins, March 2007

The Domestic Gubbins (image above)are a series of prototypes/imagined objects which I designed as the first part of a project around ideas of 'intelligence' in a home. This is an ongoing project that I am currently working on, with Alex Taylor, at Microsoft Research, Cambridge. More information will be uploaded shortly, but anyone who is interested is most welcome to email me.

Little Brinkland on Austrian FM4, February 2007

Austrian Radio FM4's
Digital Underground Series features Little Brinkland. The podcast of the show can be heard from their site, interview by Gerlinde Lang.

Pecha Kucha, February 2007

I will be talking through some of my work at the Pecha Kucha Event, ICA on 14th Feb alongside Russell Sage, Louis Jones, Iram Quraishi and many others. Doors open at 6.30 pm.

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